Top 20 Favorite Bird Photos

This first picture is definitely one of my favorite pictures. I have printed it multiple times as an 8x45 and it hangs so nicely. I took each one of these birds pictures last summer, and then I merged them together in photoshop. I just love it! It looks great on a bookmark too! 

This next pic, is also one of my favorites. I call it Eagle Snuggles. I just love the little baby snuggling it's mommy. I would have never imagined that birds did such behavior. I just love it. I was so happy to capture that special moment. 

And who wouldn't love 2 cute humming birds

This next guy is an Eurasian Owl. I just love his look! 

And would you look at the attitude that this bluebird has!

Such a gray winter day, and such a bright Red Cardinal.

Another winter pic, a Titmouse sitting in a Pine Tree

This little Warbler looks to have so much personality in his tiny little body! 

I liked the way these Rusty Neck Swans were close together. 

A crisp clear picture of a Swallow

This hummingbird sat on my garden decor/shepherds hook and gave a nice silhouette picture. 


I liked the way this Warblers Yellow matched the leaves around him. 

Cute little Downy Woodpecker

Kill Deer balancing on a RR track, I liked the rust color in the bird and the rust on the track

Bard Owl in Tree

Bright little American Gold Finch

Close up of a Great Horned Owl

Male and Female Hummingbirds in flight

A Red Winged Black Bird Singing to me!